Previews Project 0.1.3 (alpha)
     University Libraries @ The University of Akron

Welcome to the Previews Project

The Previews Project is University Libraries' new method to request, preview, evaluate and obtain electronic resources. One way to justify the acquisition of new resources is to involve faculty and students in selecting and evaluating those resources. By creating a web-based evaluation and assessment tool to be used by librarians, faculty and students, we can gather information on potential use, accomplish preliminary training in the database, and therefore accumulate enough information to justify requests for additional funding.

Overall, University Libraries hope:

  1. to create an effective tool for obtaining new electronic resources in economically difficult times through librarian-faculty-student collaboration;
  2. to develop a new and easy to use evaluation instrument for librarians, faculty and students to assess individual electronic resources;
  3. to assess the potential use by faculty and students prior to committing financial resources;
  4. to gather documentation from librarians, faculty and students to use as support for additional funding requests;
  5. to encourage the development of methods for the active collaboration between librarians and teaching faculty for using the resources in promoting student success via classroom assignments as part of information literacy efforts.

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